We are pleased to announce we have started a partnership with the Fraunhofer Centre for Central and Eastern Europe (abb.: Fraunhofer MOEZ). Our cooperation will include the involvement of experts and specialists from the accelerapp team of Fraunhofer MOEZ, in the implementation of various activities carried out by Leonarto, as well as exchange of experiences and initiation of joint business ventures and R&D projects.

Fraunhofer MOEZ was established in 2006 in order to promote cooperation in research and business between the Fraunhofer Society (Europe’s largest organization dedicated to applied research in industry, with an annual budget of over 2 billion euro) and new member states of the European Union. MOEZ Fraunhofer headquarters is located in Saxony, a region which is at the heart of the high-technology clusters “Silicon Saxony” and “Bio Saxony”. Fraunhofer MOEZ offers services of economic and business expertise, complementing other Fraunhofer institutes of technology, providing support in the process of internationalization, international research and development cooperation, economic analysis, and co-creating and co-ordinating project consortia with the use of national and EU funds.

The accelerapp team within Fraunhofer MOEZ is an international group dealing with the theme of “International Business and Research Development”, concentrated on creating and/or increasing partnerships and projects between foreign companies, public organizations, and Fraunhofer, Germany,[COMMENT 1] and the European Union.

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