Filip Granek on the list of the innovation leaders of Central and Eastern Europe

We are pleased to announce that Filip Granek (Dr. Eng.), co-founder of TPL, our portfolio company, was listed in “The New Europe 100 Challengers” ranking, published by the Res Publica Foundation.

The ranking is used to identify and integrate the outstanding innovators from the CEE region – entrepreneurs, authors, editors and new media publishers, activists, academics and politicians.
The aim of the initiative is to focus the world’s attention on an innovative dimension of Central and Eastern Europe and the promotion of entrepreneurial culture in our societies. The program was created in collaboration with the Financial Times, Google and the International Visegrad Fund.

The organizers pick candidates based on nominations submitted by the public and project partners in the following categories: business, science, the media and culture, society and politics. After collecting the nominations, 100 most innovative people are selected by vote.

Dr. Granek was awarded in the “New Europe 100 Challengers” program for research on the production of solar cells based on nanomaterials. Dr. Granek has been also honored recently by the National Centre for Research and Development in the prestigious “Leader” program. As one of just fourteen scientists he has also been awarded by the Foundation for Polish Science in the “Homing Plus” program.

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