Nestmedic, Bioavlee and XTPL among the winners of the GO_GLOBAL.PL competition

The National Centre for Research and Development announced the results of the second competition under the framework of the GO_GLOBAL.PL program. From the total number of 80 applications for funding, 32 innovative companies were selected that are planning to commercialize their solutions in the global markets. Among the winners of the competition are three portfolio companies of Leonarto: Nestmedic, Bioavlee and XTPL.

The participants of the GO_GLOBAL.PL program will be able to use the awarded grants to prepare strategies to enter the world markets and to gain knowledge about matching their products to the specific requirements of a particular region. The received funding can be used also for the development and verification of a strategy in relations with potential investors and business partners. The partner of our three portfolio companies under the GO_GLOBAL.PL partner is Fraunhofer MOEZ (Fraunhofer-Zentrum für Mittel und Osteuropa).

The partners of our three portfolio companies under the GO_GLOBAL.PL program are Fraunhofer-Zentrum für Mittel und Osteuropa (Bioavlee, Nestmedic) and MIT Enterprise Forum Poland (XTPL).

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