XTPL is working on a technology of ultra-fine printing of nanomaterials and it has just reached a new breakthrough by reducing the printed line width to 124 nanometres. The entire process of producing the lines is completely repeatable, which means that XTPL can start commercializing its original technology.

Previously, we printed lines that were 100 times thinner than a human hair. Now they are 400 times thinner. It is a great milestone for us and it shows how revolutionary our method is. Thinner lines open up completely new possibilities of using XTPL’s technology. Based on evidence, we can safely say that our research and development team has been making great progress in the process of printing control and development. The nanometre scale in which we operate is both extremely attractive due to its potential and very difficult. We have managed to gain control over the printing of nanomaterials and make it repeatable, explains Dr Filip Granek, CEO at XTPL.

The XTPL technology is appealing specifically to manufacturers of photovoltaic panels and liquid-crystal displays. The sunlight entering a solar cell in today’s devices reflects from conductive lines. XTPL lines are so thin that sun rays do not reflect but only refract, which increases the absorption of solar energy. In the case of mobile devices, the emitted light has no obstacles in the form of wires. The thin conductive lines made by XTPL result in the light having a smaller obstacle to get through and that is why the same level of display brightness can be achieved, while less energy is consumed. This also extends the battery life.

XTPL SA is planning to enter the NewConnect market in the first half of this year. We encourage you to contact the company (website: to gain more information and learn the expected time of the share issue.

Nestmedic raised over PLN 8M and will debut on NewConnect

Our portfolio company Nestmedic, inventor and manufacturer of the telemedical CTG system Pregnabit, successfully completed the issue of shares, acquiring more than PLN 8 million from individual investors and investment funds.

The company will spend the raised capital on the development of sales in Poland and abroad, as well as on the development a second-generation version of Pregnabit. Nestmedic received already the CE and ISO 13485 certification, which allows the company to sell its product in the European Union. The company has also started the certification process in foreign markets – among other things it intends to apply for an FDA certification to the US Food and Drug Administration.

In April this year Nestmedic plans to commence trading on the NewConnect market.



On March 14, our portfolio company XTPL presented itself at the Presidential Palace during a meeting under the framework of the next edition of “Start-ups in the Palace” action. 

This year’s edition was dedicated to start-ups operating in the B2B model. 241 companies signed up to participate in the meeting. 10 most interesting were chosen to present themselves to a group of investors, business angels and representatives of corporations. 

Representatives of the 10 companies invited to the Presidential Palace received from president Andrzej Duda special “passports”, allowing them to participate in overseas missions of the head of state. 

Congratulations to the XTPL team!


The results of the eighth edition of the “Businesswoman of the Year – Success Written with Lipstick” competition were announced on March 9 during a gala in the Senator Building in Warsaw.

The Grand Prize went to Patrycja Wizińska-Socha and Anna Skotny, co-founders of our portfolio company, Nestmedic.

“Patricia Wizińska-Socha and Anna Skotny – founders of Nestmedic: extremely determined two women, active in the field of innovative technologies developed for other women. They introduced in the Polish market Pregnabit – the  world’s first comprehensive telemedicine solution for the monitoring of fetal health – research KTG “.

The “Businesswoman of the Year – Success Written with Lipstick” competition is the first and only nationwide business competition for female entrepreneurs. For the last seven years the organizers of the competition have honored and appreciated women pursuing ambitious business projects. The award, in addition to prestige and satisfaction, gives also an opportunity to publicize their successes.

Congratulations to Anna and Patrycja!

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