11 December 2018 leonarto


At the end of November, Bioavlee, our portfolio company, received an order for eight pieces of Quantica 500 colony counters. The order was completed on the same day. This is the first sale of Quantica 500 devices implemented by Bioavlee.

Quantica 500 is a device created for a wide audience, enabling automatic counting of microorganism colonies in quantitative analyzes during microbiological tests. Quantica 500 is more efficient, faster and cheaper compared to competitive solutions. Thanks to an efficient algorithm, the Quantica 500 correctly sums up even merged colonies. This feature gives the Bioavlee device a significant advantage over existing standard solutions, having difficulties in separating this type of colonies.

The Company is in talks with foreign distributors regarding the sale of Quantica 500, among others in France, Great Britain, Germany, Croatia, Spain and Turkey. At the beginning of next year, Bioavlee will provide foreign distributors with a series of test equipment.

Congratulations on the first sale!

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