The Ctrl + Sky antidronic system, created by Advanced Protection Systems, gains new buyers and recognition among investors. These systems are all ready being used at Norwegian airports, Czech security services and NATO troops. Zaleski Family- creators of the most innovative bank in Poland – Alior Bank – decided to invest in The Ctrl+Sky.
“I look at world technological innovations on a regular basis and it turns out that Poland is not lacking in them. So I decided to get involved in APS, offering a solution for global” challenges of the future “. APS is a leader in the industry, soon will be worth billions of dollars annually”emphasizes Helene Zaleski in a conversation with MamStartup.
Satisfaction is not concealed by the president of APS – dr Maciej Klemm: “The market of antidronic solutions is rapidly growing, so does the awareness of the need for protection. Systems for the detection and neutralization of drones is a necessity for maintaining security, which is evidenced by recent events at Gatwick and Heathrow airports.
Congratulations on APS!


Today, our portfolio company XTPL has been listed at the Warsaw Stock for the first time, making a first debut of 2019.

“Debut on the GPW is another stage in the development of our company, we are building a company with global ambitions. The cost-effective, simple and therefore scalable XTPL technology can completely change the way certain industries produces advanced electronics “- said Filip Granek, president and co-founder of XTPL after his debut.

The transition from the NewConnect market to the main trading floor of the GPW is aimed at attracting new institutional investors, both international and domestic, investing in groundbreaking innovations on a global scale. The next step will be to start the dual – listing at the Frankfurt Open Market.

At the same time, XTPL develops structures and intensifies operations in the USA, where it has just launched its branch in Silicon Valley. XTPL Inc. is to support key IP security processes and implementations in cooperation with industrial tycoons on the US market.

XTPL – congratulations and we wish you continued success!


GENOMTEC doesn’t slow down … We’ve just announced about acquiring nearly 9 million for further development and commercialization of technology in the Fast Track program. This time, we’re pleased to inform you about the prize and distinction that GENOMTEC received for the Genomtec ID solution, as part of the prestigious competition organized by PARP and NCBIR – Polish Product of the Future. In the Polish Product of the Future (Polski Produkt Przyszłości) competition, the most innovative Polish products and technologies are awarded. Genomtec received a distinction in the category: the future product of a joint projects (university and entrepreneur) and a special prize for a product created by a young entrepreneur. The awards were received by Genomtec CEO – Miron Tokarski. “Genomtec ID is a molecular biology laboratory in your pocket. It helps detect viruses in record time – less than 20 minutes. The technology can be used in diagnostics of people and animals. Its implementation will reduce the phenomenon of antibiotic resistance, reduce the incidence of side effects of drugs, speed up the treatment process and reduce the cost of treatment. ” Congratulations and we keep our fingers crossed for the fast commercialization! It’s a product that can help every one of us! 👏


GENOMTEC received a positive evaluation of the National Center for Research and Development (NCBR) as part of the “Fast Track” competition. The company will receive nearly PLN 9 million in subsidies for further development of technology and product. Company develop Genomtec ID – handy, innovative diagnostic device based on the amplification and detection of specific DNA and RNA fragments – the “gold standard” of molecular diagnostics. This technology has a number of implementation possibilities in many areas of medicine, including the so-called liquid biopsy, immunological or biochemical tests.

The grant comes from the European Funds under the Intelligent Development Operational Program, thanks to which the National Center for Research and Development supports innovative solutions for micro, small and medium enterprises.

“With competitions such as the Fast Track, innovative solutions of start-ups like us are able to get a second wind” says Miron Tokarski, CEO of Genomtec.

Congratulations to the Genomtec team. We keep our fingers crossed for success!

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