Today, our portfolio company XTPL has been listed at the Warsaw Stock for the first time, making a first debut of 2019.

“Debut on the GPW is another stage in the development of our company, we are building a company with global ambitions. The cost-effective, simple and therefore scalable XTPL technology can completely change the way certain industries produces advanced electronics “- said Filip Granek, president and co-founder of XTPL after his debut.

The transition from the NewConnect market to the main trading floor of the GPW is aimed at attracting new institutional investors, both international and domestic, investing in groundbreaking innovations on a global scale. The next step will be to start the dual – listing at the Frankfurt Open Market.

At the same time, XTPL develops structures and intensifies operations in the USA, where it has just launched its branch in Silicon Valley. XTPL Inc. is to support key IP security processes and implementations in cooperation with industrial tycoons on the US market.

XTPL – congratulations and we wish you continued success!

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