The Ctrl + Sky antidronic system, created by Advanced Protection Systems, gains new buyers and recognition among investors. These systems are all ready being used at Norwegian airports, Czech security services and NATO troops. Zaleski Family- creators of the most innovative bank in Poland – Alior Bank – decided to invest in The Ctrl+Sky.
“I look at world technological innovations on a regular basis and it turns out that Poland is not lacking in them. So I decided to get involved in APS, offering a solution for global” challenges of the future “. APS is a leader in the industry, soon will be worth billions of dollars annually”emphasizes Helene Zaleski in a conversation with MamStartup.
Satisfaction is not concealed by the president of APS – dr Maciej Klemm: “The market of antidronic solutions is rapidly growing, so does the awareness of the need for protection. Systems for the detection and neutralization of drones is a necessity for maintaining security, which is evidenced by recent events at Gatwick and Heathrow airports.
Congratulations on APS!

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