Nestmedic S.A. will deliver the Pregnabit system to the University Hospital in Helsinki (HUS). The order for the Pregnabit teleCTG devices and the license are the result of a successful pilot project carried out at HUS. The first full implementation on the Finnish market opens a new chapter in the expansion of the Pregnabit system in foreign markets.

“This is a very important project in the implementation of the foreign market expansion strategy for the hashtag#Pregnabit system. Our solution has been appreciated by a specialist hospital in a very demanding market. This is also the outcome of our successful cooperation with a business partner in Finland, Steripolar Finland (Head Office). With this project we are starting a new chapter in the development of our company on foreign markets”, comments  Sławomir Bartoszcze, Director of International Expansion at Nestmedic S.A.

Well done Nestmedic! Keep doing!

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