We encourage you to read the article from Money.pl portal, which presents development plans for our portfolio company – Bioceltix.  The team of scientists led by Łukasz Bzdzion is working on innovative biological drugs used in the treatment of common diseases in animals that use immunomodulatory properties of mesenchymal stem cells (MSC).

 Bioceltix is ​​one of the first companies in the world planning to go through the full registration path in EMA for a veterinary biological medicine that uses MSC as an active substance. The registration needs to happen in order to place the drug on the market. In connection with this, the Wrocław startup conducts an individual dialogue with the Agency as part of scientific advice and meets a number of its stringent requirements.

 “The market for veterinary biological drugs is still in its infancy – only two years ago, the first biotechnology medicine was registered in EMA.  We intend to change it “- declares the president of Bioceltix, Łukasz Bzdzion.

Leonarto has been supporting Bioceltix in development since 2017, when the Fund’s investment took place in this extremely innovative and ground-breaking project.

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Photo – Bioceltix SA

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