We are pleased to inform you that our portfolio company BIOTTS was among the winners of the CBF Award competition start-up category in which the most innovative companies from the BioTech sector participated. The competition’s task is to reveal biotechnology companies and people from Central Europe that excel in innovation, through implementation of ambitious research and development projects. The aim of the competition is to select real leaders in the biotechnology sector of our Region, and one of the most important criteria is to be assessed in potential commercialisation of developed projects.

BIOTTS is a biotechnology company owner of proprietary, patented transdermal system (TTS) technology for the penetration of medicinal substances.  It serves as a transporter for active natural or synthetic substances into the deeper tissues of the skin. The carrier can be used in the treatment of many diseases entities, including: atopic skin, skin inflammation, acne, prostate cancer, bacterial and viral infections of the skin, burns, difficult to heal wounds.

Congratulations to the BIOTTS  team! 

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