Nestmedic announced that later this year the company will start the market launch of Pregnabit, a portable CTG device, which allows to control the status of the fetus at any time and place.
Nestmedic wants to become the market leader for mobile CTG for the so-called physiological, i. e. non-pathological pregnancies, which represent approx. 80 percent of all cases. The company is looking for global partners and sees large potential primarily in markets where telemedical solutions are being developed.
– Pregnabit is a device that is very small, mobile and easy to use – a CTG, thanks to which we are able to carry out a CTG examination at any place and time. After 30 minutes, the results of the examination are sent to the Medical Telemonitoring Center, where qualified medical personnel constantly analyzes all records and, if necessary, directs the examined woman to a health center. If everything is in order, subsequent examinations are performed with appropriate frequency – explained Dr. Patricia Wizińska-Socha, the CEO of Nestmedic, in an interview with the agency Newseria Investor.
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