Biotts S.A. and Bioton S.A. have signed a Proof of Concept agreement to test the feasibility of transporting insulin through the skin using the patented MTC-Y carrier.

Bioton will supply insulin for patches, which will enable long-lasting drug delivery through the skin using a transdermal system from Biotts. After the PoC phase, the biotech will develop a full product ready for the global pharmaceutical market (by 2027).

Bioton is one of the world’s eight large-scale producers of recombinant human insulin and the leading insulin producer in Poland. Bioton’s high-quality insulin is the result of almost 20 years of work and hundreds of millions of zlotys invested in R&D and production facilities. The goal is clear: in the near future, the Biotts and Bioton solution is expected to revolutionise the daily lives of people with diabetes, replacing metabolically taxing oral medications, insulin pumps or painful injections.

The increasing prevalence of chronic diseases among patients and the need for alternative drug delivery methods are driving the rapid development of transdermal technologies. According to a recent report by The Insight Partners 2023, the global market for transdermal drug delivery systems will grow from $37.23 billion in 2022 to $51.94 billion in 2030.

Read more about the collaboration between Biotts and Bioton in an article published on Puls Biznesu (link).

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