Dear Sir/Madam,

Considering the need to ensure proper use of your personal data and in view of the beginning of the application of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (“GDPR”) on 25th May 2018, including its Article 14, please be informed as follows.

The data controller with respect to your data are:

Leonarto VC spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością spółka komandytowa (REGON 368228488, NIP 8992827711); addresse: 50-428 Wrocław, ul. Krakowska nr 141 – 155,

Leonarto Alfa Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością (REGON: 364384292, NIP: 8992789985); addresse: ul. Borowska 110/8, 50-552 Wrocław, (the “Data Controller” or “Leonarto”). The Data Controller may be contacted:

  1. by e-mail, at ,
  2. in writing:
    Leonarto VC sp. z o.o. sp.k./ Leonarto Alfa sp. z o.o.
    Borowska 110/8, 50-552 Wrocław.

Your data will be processed for the purposes of sending replay for Your message send at The legal bases for the processing of personal data is article 6.1.f of the GDPR, i.e. the processing being necessary for the purposes of the legitimate interests pursued by the Data Controller; the legitimate interest in this case is providing You with information about replay for messages send at

The processing of personal data covers the following categories of your data: first and last name, official position, place of employment, and contact data.

Please note that your data has been obtained by the Data Controller from your message via e-mail send at or during industry events, conferences, replacement of business cards, and establishing business contacts, as well as from legal persons, including the clients of the Leonarto, in connection with the provision of services and the delivery of products by the members of the Leonarto.

Please rest assured that Leonarto makes any and all efforts in order to implement physical, technical, and organizational measures to protect personal data against its inadvertent or intentional destruction, accidental loss, change, unauthorized disclosure, use, or access, in accordance with the relevant legal regulations.

Your personal data may be shared with entities commissioned by the Data Controller with processing personal data, including in particular: IT service providers and companies linked to the Data Controller through capital and cooperating with Leonarto in the preparation of the above information:  Leonarto sp. z o. o. of Wroclaw, Leonarto Alfa sp. z o.o., Pankiewicz Spółka Komandytowa, Leonarto Funds SCSp, Leonarto Management Sarl, Leonarto VC sp. z o. o. of Wroclaw, Leonarto Alfa S.A. of Wroclaw,   (the “Leonarto Group”).

Your personal data will be processed as long as the Data Controller’s legitimate interest exists, unless you object to the processing of personal data.

Please note that you have the following rights related to the processing of your personal data by the Data Controller:

  • the right to demand that the Data Controller provides you with access to your personal data, as well as receiving copies of your data,
  • the right to have your data corrected,
  • the right to have your data deleted,
  • the right to limit the extent of processing of your data,
  • the right to transfer data (if this is technologically possible),

Additionally, you have the right to file a complaint with the supervisory authority competent for personal data protection in the Member State of your regular stay, place of work, or the place of the alleged breach.

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