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Genomtec launched a public offering

Genomtec S.A. launched a public offering of up to 730,000 J-series shares. The maximum price was set at PLN 11 per share. All funds from the issue of shares (7.5 PLN mln after costs of conducting) will be used in preparation for the industrialization and mass production of the Genomtec ID platform. Including received grants, […]


Bioceltix authorized to manufacture a cell therapy veterinary medicinal product

Bioceltix S.A. has reached another milestone – approval for the production of a veterinary medicinal product for cell therapy – according to decision of the Main Pharmaceutical Inspectorate. Bioceltix, as one of the few companies in the world, received such consent, and it confirms that the direction of the Company’s development chosen by the Management […]


Genomtec plans to debut on the NewConnect

Genomtec S.A. plans to debut on the NewConnect market by the end of 2020. The company predict that the commercialization of Genomtec ID will take place in the first half of 2022. Genomtec is a producer of mobile molecular analyzers. The company’s flagship project is the Genomtec ID mobile diagnostic system, which allows to short up […]


Start-up hopes from Wroclaw

4 out of 5 companies mentioned by Rzeczpospolita, the biggest polish newspaper, are from Leonarto’s portolio. Rzeczpospolita describes latest accomplishments and successes of top polish biotechnology companies from Lower Silesia area.  We would like to draw your attention to the while article, where you can find latest news from Bioavlee, Biotts, Bioceltix and Genomtec. 


The development of a nanotechnology startup requires taking effective action on many fronts: R&D activities, cooperation with international patent office in the field of intellectual property protection, fundraising, establishment of contacts with scientific and industry partners at home and abroad. In all these areas we can count on the great support and active involvement of the Leonarto team. The way the Leonarto team works, perfectly reflects the meaning of the phrase “smart money”.

Filip Granek CTO and CO-FOUNDER at XTPL

Leonarto is for Bioavlee an invaluable partner in formulating and implementing strategic plans towards sustainable development. The focus on providing an atmosphere of openness that supports unfettered exchange of ideas, views and experiences are the features of our daily relationships. The support and advice of an experienced team of specialists at Leonarto invariably turn out to be very useful for us in building strategic advantages and key operational improvements. The existing cooperation with Leonarto has brought Bioavlee benefits beyond our expectations.

Michał Wronecki CEO at BIOAVLEE

The transition from idea to product (Pregnabit) required a combination of competences and resources from many areas. Getting to the stage where we are today would not be possible without the professional and relational support of the Leonarto team.

Patrycja Wizińska-Socha CO-FOUNDER and CEO at NESTMEDIC

Leonarto is primarily professional entrepreneurs. A flesh and blood business people hardened in market battles. They are people who have gone all the way in building companies from scratch, and they understand the obstacles that are lurking on the way. Thanks to that their support is real. There is no place for purely theoretical, academic mentoring here. We are really helped in moving our business to the wide waters.


Due to the achievements to date in supporting the development of early-stage technology companies in the field of medical solutions, the Leonarto fund was the natural choice for Genomtec. Thanks to the experienced Leonarto team, Genomtec was able to significantly accelerate the development of its technology, and also obtained valuable support in the area of ​​intellectual property protection and development of the Company’s market strategy.

Miron Tokarski CO-FOUNDER and CEO at GENOMTEC

Through marketing and business support, cooperation with Leonarto has allowed us to accelerate the commercialization process and the expansion of sales and business development teams. As a VC fund, Leonarto has a very partnership approach to start-ups and provides invaluable contacts in the capital market.


Leonarto support allows us to look far into the future, refine the strategy and answer difficult questions. In addition to the financial background, we gained a partner who willingly shares his knowledge, experience and business know-how. The vision of a global company has become a plan. Together with Leonarto, we started to implement it.

Krzysztof Sobczak CO-FOUNDER and CEO at EMPLOCITY

Every company at an early stage of development struggles with the basic paradox about how to survive the coming months, and at the same time develop the organization towards the strategic goals. Leonarto managers understand these challenges perfectly, they approach business realistically and ambitiously. They see the current problems that we face every day and support us in creating long-term priorities. What we particularly value in cooperation with Leonarto is directness and honesty. However, in business there is nothing for free: Leonarto gives a lot, but also demands a lot.

Adam Dąbrowski CEO at FUNEDA
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