Advisory team experience

Our DNA – Operational management

We have been operating on the boards of technology companies for almost 20 years. We have experience in crisis situations – we know how to turn a crisis into a success appreciated by the market. We know how to change business models and put companies on the track of effective commercialization.

Exits from technology companies

ADV Group, Lemon Sky, SMT Software, Codemedia, Nestmedic, XTPL, QuarticOn, Storic.

Numbers don’t lie. Our multimillion exits since 2007

5 companies listed on the stock exchange, sale of 1 company to an industry inwestor, sale of 1 company to private equity/financial inwestor, sale of 4 companies to private investors and investment found companies.

Experience in cooperation

Proven team of partners working together since 2000 on several dozen technological projects and ventures.

Advisory Council

Talk – Action = Bullshit